New Article: “Consider the consequences: One Laptop Per Child”

I have recently published a new article on While not written specifically for this blog, I think it might appeal to readers of this blog as well as to other visitors to my site, so I wanted to share it with you.

In Consider the consequences: One laptop Per Child, I give my opinion about the “One Laptop Per Child,” and similar initiatives to provide low-cost computers to developing countries. I think these programs are wonderful, but that few people have stopped to consider the implications of making technology universal in third-world countries while maintaining the digital divide in first-world countries.

This article is available to republish on your Web site, thanks to Texty’s simplified content management system. I’ve made the javascript code available on the Web site so anyone can republish this article, provided I am credited as the author and no changes are made to the content. The license for this work, as well as the copyright notice and author information, is included in the Texty, so this article can safely be published on any Web site as is. I would appreciate anyone who republishes this content to let me know where it will be used by filling out the form under the “republish” link on the article.

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