I’m off to see the wizard!

I have been invited to write for the Land of ZC blog (LoZC) by Pete Thomas, author of LoZC and ShareTactics, along with Alan Bradford, author of BigUglyCouch. As I mentioned in my last post, LoZC offers tips and tricks on everything Zoho Creatorish, and goes behind the scenes to interview Zoho Creator staffers.

I’m excited about this opportunity, and look forward to sharing my ideas with all of you Zoho fans on this blog.

That does not mean that I will abandon The Web for You, naturally. Although I will write for LoZC when I discover new features/capabilities of Zoho Creator, I will continue to write about Zoho Creator along with other free resources to help you build your Web presence free right here on The Web for You.

I look forward to working with Pete and Alan, and I hope you get the chance to check out their blogs – you’ll definitely find a wealth of knowledge about a wide variety of topics.

Thanks for the opportunity, Pete!

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