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ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
10 Upgrade TinyMCE from v 3.5.2 to v 4.0.21 Accepted Doug Lockwood (Admin... Enhancement TinyMCE 0.3
11 Site Redesign (TinyMCE 4 + JQuery Modal Dialogs) Accepted Doug Lockwood (Admin... Enhancement 0.3
15 Unable to drag and drop Content Modules in Page Editor Deferred Doug Lockwood (Admin... Defect 0.3
20 Create User's Manual for Lockworld CMS Deferred Doug Lockwood (Admin... Feature Request 0.4
3 Created test-sites for proof-of-concept Completed Doug Lockwood (Admin... Task 0.1
4 Upgraded TinyMCE from version 2.5 to version 3.5 Completed Doug Lockwood (Admin... Enhancement TinyMCE 0.2
5 Fixed iBrowser functionality broken during upgrade to TinyMCE 3.5 Completed Doug Lockwood (Admin... Defect iBrowser 0.2
6 Resolved issue with previewing images through iBrowser plugin Completed Doug Lockwood (Admin... Defect iBrowser 0.3
9 Resolved issue preventing users from uploading images to server using the iBrowser TinyMCE plugin Completed Doug Lockwood (Admin... Defect iBrowser 0.3
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