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Daily Reading RSS Feeds

We currently offer the following basic reading plans:

Personalize your RSS feed

We are proud to offer you the ability to personalize any of our basic RSS feeds to meet your needs.

To create a personalized feed, simply fill out the form below and click "Submit." You will be provided with a unique feed URL that you can paste into your feed reader of choice.

  1. Select your reading plan:


  2. Select your preferred version/translation:


  3. Select a start-date for your feed:

  4. Select your options:

    Feed Schedule Output Options

    Show feed items on the following days:










    Hide verse numbers in the text of each passage

    Hide any section headings within each passage

    Hide paragraphs so each passage is displayed in a single block

    Link the book, chapter, and verse reference in each passage to an online Bible

    Hide the book, chapter, and verse reference before each passage

    Hide the daily summary list before each day's passages

    Hide the Bible Translation indicator before each day's passages

    Show links to context and next/previous chapter at the end of each passage

Your personalized RSS feed

Please copy and paste the link below into your favorite RSS feed reader to subscribe.


You have chosen not to receive your feed on ANY days of the week. Unless you change these options, you will never receive any feed items.


You have chosen not to receive your feed on certain days of the week. It will take you longer to complete the reading plan if you are skipping days.

For example, if you are skipping one day a week on a 365-day reading plan, it will take you about 14 months (60-weeks) to complete the full 365 days of reading.

Naturally, the more days you skip each week, the longer it will take to complete the reading.

Personalization Summary:



Start Date:


  • nosun
  • nomon
  • notue
  • nowed
  • nothu
  • nofri
  • nosat

Click here for your customized feed


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