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Enter passages you wish to view or compare (each of a chapter or less). For example...

This page shows how to use the Bible query and search.

Verse references

matt 5:43-48; 6:5-8; 6:19-21; 7:24-28
book names can be shortened, and there is no need to repeat them for successive passages in the same book
matt 19:16-30 | mark 10:17-31 | luke 18:18-30
parallels are easy with pipes (SHIFT-Backslash)
matt 13:1-3, 24, 31
commas can be used to provide a list of verses from a single chapter, in the conventional manner. An ellipsis (…) will show any gaps in the resulting text
php 2 or jn 3:1-2, 4, 9
as well as allowing shortened book names, some common abbreviations are also recognized

Bible searching

grace peace
entering something that isn't a reference drops you into a search of the entire Bible for a verse containing ALL terms entered
god lov
partial words will be matched — so lov matches love, loved, loving, pavlova, and so on
grace peace love
adding more search terms will narrow down the search results
to search for a word that's also the name of a book, put a dash on the end

Filtering by book or testament

You can limit your searches to a particular book by using the keyword "limit[{bookname}]" in your search. Naturally, you would replace {bookname} with the actual name of the book.

Similarly, you can limit your search to the Old Testament or New Testament by using the keyword "limit[ot]" or "limit[nt]" respectively.

Moses limit[nt]
This will search for any occurences of the word Moses, but only in the New Testament.
Moses limit[Hebrews]
This will search for any occurences of the word Moses, but only in the book of Hebrews.

Specifying a Bible translation

You can specify which translation of the Bible to search (of the available translations) or display verses in. This allows you to view the verses in a different translation than you typically use on this site.

Genesis 1:1-6 version[web]
This will search for Genesis 1:1-6 and display the results in the World English Bible.

Creating links

As shown above, you can link to passages (and searches) directly.

For example, when linking to John 15:1-7 from one of this site's pages, you would use /bible/john+15.1-7 for the link.

Spaces become '+' plus signs, and colons become '.' fullstops.

Obviously, if you are linking from another site, or from an email, you will need to add this site's URL to the beginning of any link.


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